Haimen Kexing Carbon Co.,Ltd Lie in the north bank of the Changjiang Delta , the scenic spot of the Huanghai Sea . As area of the Changjiang Delta being economical and prosperous day by day, our company has already grown into one comprehensivly, specially in order to produce all kinds of electric carbon products enterprises. The electric carbon products are as follows, to produce all kinds of Various kinds of graphite material, resin compound blank , Palestine alloy, such complex blank of alloy as the antimony ,etc.; Sealed ring of carbon graphite in machinery is sealed; The rotor engine is shaved slice with the carbon element, the device of the electron tube uses carbons; The bronze graphite includes the oil bearing, trolley-bus slide , motor slide and air pump use such a series of graphite products as the blade ,etc.. Consult company's product introduction in code name of detailed order.

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